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Government agencies are constantly confronted with shifting priorities, opportunities, uncertainties and potential pitfalls. You must always find new ways to remain relevant to your internal and external clients, and to achieve new levels of excellence. Failure to remain relevant in a government agency could lead to strategic outsourcing or elimination of government funding.  


Government agency leaders - as well as individual government agency contributors - sometimes become consumed with day-to-day tactics and activities, often failing to prepare long-term goals, or position themselves for success in the future. It is imperative that all team members of a government agency assume responsibility for delivering organizational results, superior constituent services and operate with a broad perspective; This includes being aware of developing trends that impact their own work and area of responsibility.


Strategic thinking is the ability to gather information and look toward the future to anticipate events before they happen. Strategic thinking provides the ability to recognize emerging trends, opportunities and risks that impact the long-term relevance and success of every department within the overall agency.


Through our strategic partnership with the Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness, (CMOE), our certified trainers facilitate CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking® Workshop, which teaches government leaders and their team members how to think, plan and act more strategically at the individual level and on the frontlines of work every day.  


Coleman Crest Advisers’ certified trainers’ high-impact facilitation of this workshop benefits government agency leaders and team members who want to truly ignite positive change, improved productivity and record results.


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