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About Coleman Crest Advisers, LLC

Humble Beginnings

Jim Coleman was raised on his family’s farm, Coleman Crest, in Lexington, Kentucky, which was originally purchased by his great-grandfather on March 27, 1888 for $1200, after he and his family had tilled the farm as slaves.

Coleman Crest Farm was the birthplace of many incredible new beginnings for the Coleman family. Since its purchase, the farm facilitated in seeing over 300 of his descendants pursue higher education. Jim Coleman’s great-grandfather used the power of one to generate a lasting impact in the lives of others for over a century.

The Power of One

If it hadn’t been for Jim’s great-grandfather’s courage, hard work and dedication to his family during and beyond the days of slavery, the Coleman family may never have come this far. The Coleman family patriarch historically seized the moment and stayed focused on the controllables. He was committed to action and making the best use of minimal resources.He was good at removing barriers and breaking through at a very difficult time when most African Americans did not have their freedom. He focused on what he could do...not what he couldn’t do.

Coleman Crest Advisers, LLC. is founded on this incredible story of the Coleman family’s courage, strength, resilience and incredible leadership. We are committed to listening to what leaders think the barriers are affecting their organization and focusing on the controllables to improve their teams’ current performance. By the year 2021, Coleman Crest Advisers, LLC. will impact well over 50,000 people through the power of one.

Jim owns Coleman Crest Farm today. His incredible business success and travels have taken him from Uttingertown, a Kentucky farming community, to Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Beijing and the Nation’s Capital.

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