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Transformation Through the Power of One

Jim Coleman’s background and expertise set him up to launch lasting impacts across masses. His desire to utilize his unparalleled experiences and knowledge to benefit others is what makes him a staple in today’s society.


Jim is a graduate of Howard University with a B.A. Degree in Economics. During his tenure at Howard, Jim was elected President of the Liberal Arts Student Council and was inducted into Who’s Who Among Students at Colleges and Universities by Howard’s President, Dr. James Cheek. Jim is a certified management training facilitator in Development Dimensions International Management and Development Training programs; He is also a 2014 graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering.


As a senior sales and marketing executive, Jim has negotiated hundreds of complex deals with large multi-billion dollar clients in the meat packing, soft drink, tobacco, financial services and high-tech sectors. As a direct result of his personal effort and leadership, Jim’s negotiations have collectively led to over $10 billion in sales.


Jim Coleman is committed to serving others, making a big impact, and leaving a legacy that his parents, Cleo and Sam Coleman, would be proud of. Throughout his years of experience, Jim has been under the guidance of the many generous Fortune 500 executives,elected officials,and pastors who’ve mentored him, and at times, tolerated his deficiencies and weaknesses, providing compassion and guidance in making him a better man.


Jim’s book, Cut the Crap and Close the Gap, offers a management approach and a practical guide for success both for-profit and nonprofit companies. Cut the Crap and Close the Gap provides a road-map to farmers, small business owners, executives and managers, detailing how each can exceed desired operating results for their organizations through his proven strategies and leadership exercises, and is filled with a wide selection of stories that are linked to practical advice and key learnings that can be applied to any situation by the reader.


Over time, Jim plans to have a great deal of skilled individuals from different areas of expertise to join his journey in satisfying the needs of the different government agencies and corporations Coleman Crest Advisers serves. Jim Coleman is the true definition of “transformation through the power of one.”




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